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In production since 2019, RADX Trifecta-SSD-RAID Modules are optimized for PXIe/CPCIe-based, wideband, high-speed, RF and Microwave recording, playback, and data storage applications that require extreme performance, capacity, and best value (price-per-terabyte).

Trifecta-SSD RAID Modules support 8, 16, 24, 32 or 64GB in a single PXIe/CPCIe slot, which is 2-to-16 times greater than other single-slot SSD PXIe/CPCIe RAID modules.


Trifecta-SSD Modules feature a PCIe Gen 3 x8 interface and a unique architecture that supports up to eight (8) M.2 NVMe SSDs in a single slot which enable the modules to sustain up to ~7 GB/Sec sequential read and write performance without incurring the write “hiccups” or “glitches” that plague other RAID Modules with only four SSDs. This capability is essential for systems that stream 1+ GHz bandwidth per channel for long durations.

Trifecta-SSD Modules support 64-bit Windows operating systems and select Linux distributions and are designed to comply with key standards including RoHS, FCC Class A, CE and MIL-PRF-28800F.

COTS PXle SSD RAID Module Benchmarked
Sustained, Sequential Write Performance

(Benchmarked by RADX on 09JUL21, NI PXle-1092, NI PXle-8881 with 48 GB
DDR4, Windows 10 64-bit Pro, CDM V8.0.1, 8GB File, 2MB Block Size, Queue
Depth =8, 2 Threads)

Competitor #1 - 4TB
Competitor #2 - 4TB
RADX Trifecta-SSD

Trifecta-SSD-RAID Module pricing starts at $6,999 for 8TB and 16TB modules are only $9,999. With RADX’ value-based pricing, Trifecta-SSD-RAID modules are typically 1/2 to 1/3 the price-per-terabyte of competitive products. And Trifecta-SSD-RAID module delivery is typically 30 days ARO for small volumes.

Trifecta-SSD-RAID modules are long-life-cycle products that are manufactured in the USA and are available on GSA from TestMart (see For more info on Trifecta-SSD-RAID PXIe/CPCIe modules, please email [email protected].

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