May 23, 2016

RADX Announces Industry’s Highest Performance Wideband Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) at IEEE IMS 2016

New 26.5 GHz LibertyGT 1410 Achieves Watershed 100% POI with Full Accuracy on 320 Nanosecond Minimum Duration Signals by Harnessing 765 MHz Analysis Bandwidth and up to 62 Million FFTs per Second DSP Throughput Capability.

LGT1410B-RTVSA with RTSA-2 Screenshot

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Automating Microwave Measurements with Software Defined Synthetic Instrumentation

“Traditional RF/microwave test and measurement (T&M) instruments are dedicated “boxes” built with application specific and general purpose silicon, firmware and embedded software. In contrast, software defined synthetic instruments (SDSI) “synthesize” multiple instruments – spectrum analyzers, digital storage oscilloscopes, RF receivers, signal generators – with digital signal processing (DSP) software and firmware on commercial embedded multicore processors and field programmable gate arrays (FPGA).”  –  Read More…

Company Profile

Founded in 2011 by Ross Q. Smith, Robert “Wade” Lowdermilk and Dragan Vuletic, RADX Technologies, Inc., is a DSP-focused technology start-up that provides a wide range of cost-effective, high-performance, COTS technologies, products, solutions and services to commercial and government end-users, OEMs and system integrators at multiple levels of integration.

RADX has a solid team of seasoned DSP and systems experts recognized the world over in developing industry-leading FPGA, multi-core CPU, and GPGPU-based wireless and wired communications systems with a focus on Software-Defined Radio (SDR) and Cognitive Radio (CDR) applications including SATCOM, mobile radio and cellular applications. RADX is also currently developing COTS Software Defined Synthetic Instrumentation (SDSI) M&T solutions for RF, Wireless Comms (including SDR & CR systems) and Microwave applications that leverages the RADX team’s extensive experience in this emerging field.


RADX is both a Xilinx Alliance Partner Member and a National Instruments Silver Alliance Partner with RF and Wireless Specialty designation. With decades of collective experience developing advanced DSP-based solutions that employ Xilinx FPGA, multi-core CPU, GPGPU-based and PXI/PXIe-technologies with the latest development methodologies, combined with a flexible business model, RADX is an ideal technology partner for small and large businesses and institutions who seek a combination of high-performance and cost-effective solutions.

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RADX PRODUCTS—Focus on COTS Software, Solutions & Value Add

  • LibertyGT™ Family of COTS Software Defined Synthetic Instrumentation (SDSI) Firmware, Software and Solutions for Wireless Comms, RF & Microwave Measurement & Test
  • FrontierEQ™ COTS EdgeQAM IP Core Sets and Reference Platforms for Cable TV OEMs
  • Products available at all levels of integration

RADX TECHNOLOGIES & EXPERTISE—Focus On COTS Software, Solutions and Tech Insertion

  • High Performance DSP Algorithm Design, Analysis and Implementation Using FPGA, Multi-Core CPUs, GPGPUs and Heterogeneous Architectures using Embedded, PC-based and PXI/PXIe Systems
  • SDR & CR Design, Analysis and Implementation for SATCOM, point-to-point, mobile radio, WiFi and cellular networks
  • SDSI Design, Analysis and Implementation for Wireless Communications, RF & Microwave Measurement & Test
  • Deep Expertise in Xilinx ISE, System Generator, Vivado, NI LabVIEW, C, C++, MATLAB/SimuLink and Related Development Tools
  • Proto and Demo/Dev PCB, PCBA & System Design and Implementation
  • Deep Expertise in Physical and Media Access Control Layers including Advanced Modulation Schemes, High Dynamic Range Solutions, High Performance Timing and Carrier Synchronization