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RADX Contributed Article

Robert Wade Lowdermilk Co-Founder and CTO, RADX Technologies
Dr. David Carey Assoc. Professor EE, Wilkes University COTS Journal

March, 2014

Advances in Software-Defined Synthetic Instrumentation for RF and Wireless


With the appropriate software and advances in analog-to-digital converters, high-speed data buses, and high-performance computing, modular test systems can be configured to create software-based tests or measurements and the user interface for RF test requirements. Learn about PXI-based software-defined synthetic instrumentation (SDSI) architectures and the performance, size, cost, and the software development associated with the implementation of various measurement modes for RF and microwave applications.


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February, 2014

LibertyGT 1200B Home Screen Demo

November, 2013

RADX LibertyGT 1200B SDSI Intro

November, 2011

RADX & Xilinx EQAM Solutions at SCTE 2011

November, 2011

Xilinx EQAM Solution… MER of 45+