About RADX

Founded in 2011, RADX Technologies, Inc., is a specialized small business that develops advanced, DSP-based technologies and products for commercial wired and wireless communications. With development locations in California and Europe, RADX has an innovative and seasoned management and engineering team that has been instrumental in numerous successful high-tech companies.

With decades of experience developing advanced FPGA, multi-core and GPU-based DSP solutions for consumer, commercial, aerospace and defense customers in Software Defined Radio (SDR), Cognitive Radio (CR), High Performance Computing, Mesh Networks and similar applications, RADX is focused on providing a wide range of cost-effective, high-performance DSP-based technologies, products, solutions and services to OEMs, system integrators and service providers on a global basis. For more information on RADX Technologies, please visit www.radxtech.com or contact RADX Sales at info@radxtech.com or at +1 (619) 677-1849 option 1.

RADX Management Team

Ross Q. Smith
RADX CEO & Chairman, Co-Founder

As Chairman and CEO, Mr. Smith brings 30 years of technology company executive management, marketing and innovation to RADX. With over twenty-five years of experience in successful high-tech start-ups and company/business unit turnarounds, Mr. Smith has demonstrated success at growing businesses from concept to market leadership positions. Mr. Smith is a widely recognized expert in general management, technical marketing and product development in the areas of fabless semiconductors, mission critical and realtime embedded and safety critical computing and software, Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) systems, consumer electronics, 2D/3D graphics and GPGPU computing, video game technology and precision metrology systems and instrumentation.

Concurrent with his role at RADX, Ross serves as Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Jigsaw Informatics, Inc. (www.jigsaw.info), the creator of ZapVM Realtime Visual Messaging (www.zapvm.com).  Prior to his role as RADX CEO, Ross served as Vice-President and GM of the Stylus and Optical Metrology Division of Bruker Corporation since January, 2010. From April, 2008 until December, 2010, Mr. Smith served as Interim CEO or Vice President of Sales and Marketing at various venture-backed fabless processor and software companies including Soft Machines, Inc., Personal Web Systems and Rapport, Inc. Prior to his work in interim management, Mr. Smith served as President of Quantum3D, Inc., which Mr. Smith co-founded in 1997. Quantum3D was a spin-off from 3dfx, Inc. (also co-founded by Mr. Smith in 1993), at the time of its IPO in 1997. Before 3dfx, Mr. Smith held various management roles in sales, marketing and engineering roles at several Silicon Valley high-tech and aerospace companies including Media Vision, Pellucid, Silicon Graphics, MIPS Technologies, Tracor, Atlantic Research and Ford Aerospace dating back to 1983.

Mr. Smith is the recipient of numerous industry awards including the Frost & Sullivan Lifetime Achievement Award for Innovation (2007), PC Gamer Top 100 Products of All Time (2009 for Voodoo Graphics®– No. 2 PC Gamer Product of All Time) and AcuityXR® (R&D-100 2011). Mr. Smith has served or currently serves on the board of directors or advisory boards of GarrettCom, Inc. (now a division of Belden, Inc.), Specom, Inc., Soft Machines, Inc., Alchemy Power, Inc., Bluestone Technology, Inc., Jigsaw Informatics, Inc., Positronic Corporation, SVIRAL Technologies, Inc. and the Colors of Cambodia Art School in Siem Riep, Cambodia. Mr. Smith has a BSEE degree from University of Texas at Austin (1983).

Dragan Vuletic
RADX VP of R&D, Co-Founder

With multiple patents and publications in the field and over 14 years of experience in the design and development of digital communications, digital signal processing algorithms and software defined radio systems using DSP, general purpose computing platforms and FPGAs, Mr. Vuletic is a recognized industry expert in advanced wired and wireless digital modems, satellite and broadcast communication/distribution systems and advanced digital test and measurement instrumentation systems.

As a co-founder of Signum Concepts, Inc., and Specom, Inc., both specialty small businesses focused on DSP applications, Mr. Vuletic has employed his entrepreneurial, management and engineering skills to successully implement numerous complex projects in both commercial, aerospace and defense sectors for a diverse set of customers including Xilinx, BAE Systems, Shure, Space Micro, Northrup Grumman, General Dynamics, SPAWAR, Office of Naval Research, Nextivity, XDigital, IP Mobilenet, National Instruments, Shared Spectrum, Avaak, CUBIC, Telisar/Telegen, Anritsu, Powerwave, Truetime, Zenith and many others.

Key areas of recent focus for Mr. Vuletic include research and development of advanced waveforms and modulation schemes, advanced channelization methods, development of computationally and cost efficient implementations of modems, transceivers and FPGA based instruments, cognitive radios and Intellectal Property (IP) core development.

Mr. Vuletic received BSEE and MSEE degrees from San Diego State University in 1998 and 2006, respectively.

Tom Kais
RADX Board Member and Financial Adviser

Mr. Kais has over 20 years of experience in high-tech finance and accounting in both publicly traded and privately held companies. For the past 10 years, Mr. Kais has served as a senior finance executive in leading silicon valley companies involved in networking, semiconductor, wireless communications, visual computing, chicken wings and consumer electronics including Ruckus Wireless, Inc., Quantum3D, Inc., NextG Networks, Inc., Vertical Networks, Inc., and Philips. Mr. Kais has been instrumental in helping the companies in which he served grow by raising capital (over $100M in series B through F) and in integrating finance and accounting functions into the business operations to achieve sustainable cost management and maximum profitability. Mr. Kais is CPA and has a BA in Finance and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Robert Wade Lowdermilk (“Wade”)
RADX Board Member and Senior Technical Adviser

As a member of the RADX Board of Directors and a Technical Adviser to RADX, Mr. Lowdermilk brings 30 years of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) related technology innovation, development experience to RADX. Mr. Lowdermilk is currently a Scientific and Engineering Fellow at BAE Systems, Inc. and is an internationally recognized expert in DSP-based Software Defined (SDR) and Cognitive Radio (CR), Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and Synthetic Instrumentation (SI) related technologies. Mr. Lowdermilk received a BSEE degree from University of Texas at Austin in 1981 and an MSEE degree from San Diego State University in 1996.


Mr. Chompers
RADX Accounts Receivables Specialist and Credit Analyst

Mr. Chompers has 12 years of experience in managing accounts receivable and analyzing accounts for credit worthiness. Mr. Chompers is well known in the downtown Palo Alto community for his keen insights into the depth of customer’s epidermal layers and knowing exactly where to apply pressure to collect debts in a timely fashion.